• Style moderne
  • origen France
  • age 20th. century
  • size in cm L: 244cm, D: 97 cm, Seathight: 46 cm
  • quantity 1
  • remarks Comfortable cushions newly upholstered
  • material Oak
  • Item NO. 3587
  • 59550 DKK
  • / 9450 $
  • / 8000 €

Robert Guillerme studied design and architecture at the École Boule, graduating in 1934. After the Second World War he moved to Lille, in the north of France, where he decorated homes and designed furniture for the well regarded Rogier workshops.
In 1948 Jacques Chambron left his work as a painter and decorator on the Rue Nollet in Paris, and relocated his family to join Guillerme. The two had met in 1940 while imprisoned by the Germans in East Prussia and bonded over, among other more obvious things, their shared passion for design. In 1949 the pair discovered Émile Dariosecq, a master cabinet maker who had a shop in the city, and who was willing to produce their designs. The three started.